Ru Jazzle

Drag is art. It is a form a self-expression and transformation through makeup, clothing, music, performance and concept. 

Drag is punk. Drag shakes up society's notions of gender, art and performance. It is not politically correct, and is visual terrorism.

Drag is Fun. It tells us to reject the 'truths' of society and existence and not to take life so seriously. Nothing is real. Everything is fake. I'M A MAN IN A WIG.

Lacy Rain

Being a drag queen is about expressing my creative identity without being shackled by the context of gender. It's about inhabiting the absurd and surreal and creating a juxtaposition of a fictional character with all of your own personal truths and qualities. But it's mostly about having fun, being silly and loosing vast amounts of dignity but not minding at all. 

October Fist

Society spends so much time trying to get men to be men and women to be women, that when you exist in the middle of both, it can be really hard to find your space. As a drag queen, you can carve out a totally artificial, but nonetheless comfortable space to explore and mock gender, whilst discovering and exploring one's own identity. And also? Free drinks!

Axel Aurora

Asking me what drag means to me is like asking why I breathe. Drag is an expressive art form that allows me to play with gender identity, fashion, make-up and performance. It allows me to express every fibre of my inner self while playing around with both my male and female attributes. It gives you the most addictive adrenaline buzz and I love it.

Ann Phetimine

For me drag is an escape from reality a chance to become someone else and show my creative side to be known as a drag queen is a huge honour and I couldn't be happier with my drag.

Jessica Diamond

At 29 and only doing drag for 2 years, it seemed like a natural progression for me being in the beauty industry for 14 years by pulling together all the skills I have learned over the years. I love everything about drag and the fabulous people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I also love show work because, well who doesn't love a bit of attention, hehe. Drag has opened up so many avenues in my life that I didn't think was possible before. I've always been an arty person and drag is the perfect outlet for my artist flayer and I hope I bring fun and joy to the masses with my art. Love too you all x Jessica x

Lafaunda Cox

To me, being a drag queen is about self-expression, challenging gender norms and becoming a character who is separate from myself while still having an identifiable nature to it. Lafaunda is an extension of me and I believe it is important for people to be able to identify with their drag personas. They are extreme and represent the duality we have within is all. But then again, who am I to tell others what drag is. It is an extremely personal experience, which changes from person to person.

Charlize De Werk

Drag is a chance for me to remind myself and those around me not to take life so seriously, to enjoy each and every moment no matter what it brings. 

Lawrence Chaney

Being a drag queen to me means that I can use all my talents including performing, sewing, make up artistry etc. compared to just utilising one of them in a 9 to 5 job. It allows me to express myself and express my feminine characteristics. When I'm in drag, I feel like a star. It opens the door to more opportunities and roles in the performance industry. I can be a model in drag, and not be self-conscious because I make myself look like this on purpose. 

Sarah Hurricane (Self-Portrait)

I believe there is a little bit of a Drag Queen in every single one of us. Everyone has an alter ego they need to use in a serious situation, and another one you wear on a night out with your friends, weather you use make-up or not. Drag Queens just make it more fun and colourful.

Scarlet Fever

To be a drag queen is to become a heightened version of you. It's to grey the area between man and woman and make people question what gender and sexuality is. All in all, you're a man in a dress and makeup. It's the ultimate "Fuck you" to a world full of judgment and extremes.

Perry Cyazine

Drag is art; Drag is freedom; Drag is the ability to embody both a personality and appearance of your own conception; Drag is the coalescence of aesthetics and gender roles to challenge perceptions; Drag is the creation of a fluid entity coupled with an element of escapism. Perry is the distillation of my finest personal qualities, and interplays hyper-feminine and -masculine features to create cognitive dissonance. Plus, who wouldn't love to have tits?!

Portrait's of Glasgow based Drag Queens and the local scene. Project completed in 2015
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